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We are pleased as punch to offer classes and studio time at make*do*mend at Drygoods Design, a delightful sewing + craft studio. We hope you are too!

 Current Classes 

Includes Kids' Classes, Apparel, General, Beginner, Modern Quilting and more!


The basics:
At make*do*mend at Drygoods Design, we are dedicated to providing a safe, fun and thoughtful place for folks to learn, make, do and enjoy the company of others.  Many of us become intimidated when it comes to making things but never fear, we’re here to take out the guesswork and the pretention! We also believe that the better tools you have, the more enjoyable sewing and crafting can be. We supply all the tools you need and the best possible at affordable prices. Don’t miss out on our studio sales - save big every few months when we refresh our supplies and tools and put the gently used ones up for sale at a huge discount.

Open Studio Rates and Information:
If the shop is open then so is make*do*mend! When you sign up for the hourly rate edition of make*do*mend, you can enjoy our world-class Bernina sewing machines, ironing tools, large cutting/project table, library and seek counsel from our qualified staff. With a valid photo ID you’ll get your own toolkit to use at your sewing station, in addition to all the communal tools. If you are looking for more than a few questions, please feel to ask us about private sewing lessons. Are you visiting Seattle and itching to stop in and sew? Order fabric online, let us know if you want it prewashed and we’ll have it ready and waiting for you to use while you visit!

Mondays: Closed (event rental on a case-by-case basis)
Tuesdays: 11 to 6 (unless a class is in session)
Wednesdays: 11 to 6 (unless a class is in session)
Thursdays: 11 to 6 (open until 9 p.m. two Thursdays a month) (unless a class is in session)
Fridays: 11 to 6 (unless a class is in session)
Saturdays: 11 to 6 - Join us for our bi-weekly Apparel Studio; open studio time with our awesome Apparel specialist (unless a class is in session)
Sundays: 10 to 4 (unless a class is in session)

Ages 18 and up - for kid classes and events, please check our class list.
Valid ID required for checking out machine and toolkit.

If you know us, you know we love a good party. We’re one of the few fabric shops (so we believe) that has a house cocktail. If you’re looking for a venue for your next night out for a birthday party, girls’ night out, employee appreciation, or just for fun, then contact us. Whether you want to sew, craft or just have a comfortable place to celebrate, make*do*mend at Drygoods Design is it.

We can work with you to create the event you need based on ages, occasion and skill levels. Rates range, depending on the event and projects, but are per person. Starting at $35 for kids’ parties (materials included) and up to a flat rate of $400 per day (total, not per person).

Wondering about possibilities? There are so many! Our focus is on beautiful, modern and simple at Drygoods Design and make*do*mend is no different. Whatever the occasion, it can be fun without being overly cute or cliche. Have the guest of honor choose their color palette or fabrics of choice and we’ll have them washed, cut and ready to go for a quick craft session before you get to the presents and food. We can also have non-sewing based projects available too. You are welcome to bring your own food and beverages or for an additional charge, we can arrange beverages and sweet treats for you. Our kitchen is stocked with water, tea and essential serving items to make it easier for party hosts.

Design Your Own Class/Group Sewing Lessons:
Have a group of friends or coworkers that are wanting to learn how to sew or try out a new skill? Then schedule a group lesson or class! These often can mirror our current class offerings with some adjustments and you’re guaranteed to have a good time with your favorite people. Rates start at $50 per person for four people; $40 for six and up. Materials additional. If you're looking to schedule a private session of our best-selling class, This is a Sewing Machine, materials are included and the cost is $55 per person.

Private Sewing Lessons:
If you’re looking to learn in a more one-on-one approach then sign up for private lessons. These are for ages 7 and up and can be scheduled by calling the shop. Rates start at $40 per hour.



The minimum class size is four people. If less than four people sign up for a class, it will be cancelled and we will do our best to sign up paid attendees in another session. Classes are always more fun with a friend or loved one so sign up in a pair and guarantee the class is a go!

All classes require prepayment and registration. In some cases, day-of sign up is available. No refunds are offered for classes or studio sessions. Cancellations received 72 hours before class start, will be able to redistribute their class fees to another class. We cannot guarantee the same class or session will be available for rescheduling.

Our goal is provide a safe and fun place for our customers and students to create, sew and gather. Sewing and crafting is not without risk and often requires heavy, sharp and mechanical tools and objects. There is an assumption of risk when spending time at make*do*mend at Drygoods Design and all class attendees and studio rentals will be required to sign a waiver acknowledging such risk and liability.

Respecting others:
It is more of a guiding principle than policy, however, we ask that all people spending time in the space remember that it is a shared space, a historical building and a place where everyone is respected and treated with kindness. We reserve the right to ask those who are unable to respect the space and others to decline attending events, classes and open studio time.

We believe in a balance between consistency and continual improvement. Your feedback is important and we actively seek the constructive thoughts of our customers and guests. After each class you will receive a survey where we hope you will share your highlights, lowlights and any other information you wish to share that can help us maintain a high level of service, instruction and consistency.